In May 2019 De Havilland Primary School received £997.50 to purchase a class set of ukuleles for teaching and learning music and school shows.  Their aim was to expand the range of musical opportunities and experiences for their children and encourage a love of music and learning.  In the future they are looking to include a school radio station and other musical instruments.


In January 2019 ARISE Hatfield gave funding of £500 to Birchwood Methodist Church for Garden boxes, gazebo, outdoor play equipment & toys for their Monday after school Club.  The Monday Club offers an after school club for the age range 6-11 years.  They charge 50p admission to attend the club.  This is for families who have little funds to send their children to after school clubs.  The aim of the club is to provide a space where children can develop social and emotional skills whilst having fun and allowing their parents to work.

Countess Anne School

In 2018 ARISE Hatfield provided £1,000 towards the cost of painting a 1 mile running track to improve the children’s fitness, social skills and well-being.  The Daily Mile can increase children’s health and give them the exercise they need to boost their concentration levels during lesson time. 

Falcon Judo Club

This project received £720 of ARISE Hatfield funding in 2018 for judo licences/free judo sessions, flyers, advertising, website fees and also a new safety mat.  They run regular sessions at The Jim McDonald Centre, Hatfield every Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm. They are going to run another session on Fridays for children with complex special needs and aim to extend their offer to local SEN schools. 

DeHavilland Community Project

This project received £332 of ARISE Hatfield funding to cover the hall hire cost and marketing for their Christmas Fun Afternoon.  This lovely event took place on the 15th December 2018 for families in Salisbury Village, Hatfield.  The afternoon included a children’s entertainer, balloon modeller and a visit from Father Christmas.


ARISE Hatfield provided funding of £948 to Music24 to help them put on a Dementia-friendly Carol Service at St Etheldreda’s Church in Hatfield.  This took place on the 3rd December 2018 and was a great success. They are a group that  provides community music therapy groups across Luton, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Their main client groups are adults living with a learning disability, mental health diagnosis and dementia. Activities include singing, dancing, improvising using a wide range of musical instruments, song-writing and much more. Music can be used to help people express themselves in a safe way, exploring themselves as creative beings. This improves their wellbeing, reduces social isolation and supports them through tough times. 

Old Hatfield Residents’ Association

The Old Hatfield Residents Association (OHRA) aims to encourage community spirit and empower residents to enjoy and improve the local area in which they live.

They received ARISE Hatfield funding to purchase a watering device which can be wheeled around Old Hatfield in dry spells so that they can water the various beds, planters and baskets. Their old method involved transporting the water and a small step ladder to the site in a car.  They are mostly of the older generation, and watering baskets in the street from a step ladder, which has to be moved with the water from basket to basket, was dangerous.

Onslow St Audrey’s Sensory Garden Project

Received ARISE Hatfield funding of £600 which enabled them to purchase plants for their Sensory Garden.  The positive difference that the garden makes for their students is endless. Giving the children the opportunity to be in and around a garden, watching plants grow, helping to plant and take care of plants and spending quiet time learning outside in the peaceful and sensory place.

The garden is an integral part of everyday life at School and will be openly used by all staff students and the OSA community.

Herts Musical Memories

We were delighted to receive a grant of £750.00 from the Arise Hatfield. It came at a time when Herts Musical Memories had only been running a few months. We desperately needed a computer and a printer. The Arise Hatfield generous grant enabled us to purchase a professional printer along with a computer and software, which may seem a small, everyday item but it has transformed how we are able to run Herts Musical Memories. 

We constantly need to print lyrics for our singing groups for people with dementia and their carers. The singing sessions improve the health and wellbeing of people with dementia helping to connect them with their memories and brings a lot of joy and happiness. 

We cannot thank Arise Hatfield enough for helping us to make this possible. 
Kerry Brabant 


Welwyn Hatfield Community & Voluntary Service

Welwyn Hatfield Community & Voluntary Service received funding of £850 this year to enable them to install a lifting device into their vehicle which they use to transport people in the community to health related appointments.  The hoist enables them to pull a wheelchair into the vehicle whilst the passenger is seated in his/her chair.

North Mymms Memorial Hall

North Mymms Memorial Hall was in dire need of some decorating as it was looking rather tired and is regularly used by the community for events.  They applied for funding and received £397 from ARISE Hatfield in September this year to cover the costs of  decorating materials to enable a volunteer group from Ocado to paint their hall.  Here is a link to the article that appeared in the Welwyn Hatfield Times.

Citizens Advice Welwyn Hatfield

Top up fuel vouchers
Funding received:  £1,000

ARISE Hatfield granted £1,000 to this project back in January 2018  to provide top up fuel vouchers for those most in need in the Hatfield community.

Citizens Advice and the local food bank had seen an increase in the number of people requiring assistance with food for a number of reasons.  What had become clear was that people were not able to cook a meal once they had received the food due to a lack of gas or electricity because they did not have the funds to be able to top up a pre-payment meter.  They were also not able to heat their homes and keep their family well and healthy.  There is a set eligibility criteria to ensure only those most in need of a fuel voucher received one. 

 Since then they have assisted 16 people in immediate fuel poverty, who had no funds to top up their gas and or electricity meter.  The highest presenting client group is single females with children in social housing, most clients who received fuel poverty help also received a food voucher at the same intervention.  The most common reason for clients being in fuel poverty was benefit delays.

Young Life International

Young Life International has grown from humble beginnings in the USA in 1941 to running more than 5,000 ministries in 75 countries worldwide. Their work sees them reaching out beyond the church building to share their accounts of the gospel and providing a safe fun, enjoyable space for children to enjoy. 

In Hatfield, the Arise Hatfield grant enabled the team to make significant improvements to their facilities and the services they could provide the young people of the town. 

They say: “We are truly grateful for the three grants we have received for our project in Hatfield. The first funding we received was about a year ago when we were setting up our club room! At that time, we had an empty office and a big empty room. With the funding we received, we were able to furnish the room and office space— where we now have a pool table, table tennis and table football table now and a few bean bags to make kids more comfortable. We had two kids come the very first night and now have an average of 20-30 young people involved weekly and the hang out time at the end is so much fun— have kids enjoy playing various games.

We also received a grant to help with camp bursaries for those who could not afford to attend our summer holiday last summer. The young people had to do some gardening and cleaning in order to ‘earn’ their bursaries and it was a real gift to be able to help them go, where they had an amazing week of fun, friendships and learning about faith! We have now just received a grant for us to buy some outside sports equipment, which is going to make our outdoor welcome amazing at our Friday night clubs. Especially as the weather warms up, we spend a good portion of time outside bonding over sports with the kids and this grant is making it possible for us to buy some new equipment which will really benefit the young people.

Countess Anne School: A Church Of England Academy

An unused annex building on our school site is being renovated, and a room has been brought into use for After School and Breakfast clubs. The ARISE grant enabled us to fit our small kitchen area with attractive and generously sized kitchen appliances. This means we are able to offer flexible meal provision during breakfast and after school care for our children.

The afters chool club provides support for working parents by extending the possible working day, but also many children enjoy attending the club for its own sake. The children have the opportunity to play and build new friendships across age groups. Before this development children had to wait to be collected to travel across town to an after school provision at another school. ARISE funding has enabled us to provide something much safer and child-friendly.

Defibrillator donated by St John's Youth Club for the Hilltop community assisted with a grant from Arise

In March 2017 ARISE Hatfield granted St John’s Youth Club £500 towards the purchase and installation of a Defibrillator for the Hilltop community thus increasing the survival chances of anyone suffering cardiac arrest in the vicinity of the Hilltop area. 

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