February 2020

As an alliance of four local business partners, ARISE Hatfield’s mission it is to breathe life into local community projects and initiatives and inspire Hatfield to thrive.

With the extensive redevelopment of the town centre focussing on improving Hatfield’s infrastructure, the work of ARISE Hatfield concentrates on making positive contributions to the town’s people. 

The four business partners providing an annual fund of money to support initiatives and socially based activities that improve the lives of groups or individuals in Hatfield are Landsec (The Galleria), Ocado, Gascoyne Cecil Estates and Incentive FM. 

A further committee, consisting of representatives from local businesses meet quarterly to select projects eligible for funding.

The latest projects to benefit from funding from ARISE include Countess Anne School’s community room; this room is to be community based and is to provide multiple uses for both community and school.  One of the uses will be to provide a setting where the school’s pupils can host events for the local elderly community. The school have established a positive working relationship with Acacia Mews Care Home, who are keen to pursue these cross-generational initiatives having seen benefits to their residents from the school’s termly visits to see them.

The school was granted funding of £976.32 for the purchase of 48 banqueting chairs to provide comfortable seating for events including a ‘boards and cards afternoon’ as well as ‘Afternoon tea and flicks’ events.

St. John’s Youth and Community Centre will also benefit from funding of £500 for the provision of replacement pads for the defibrillator they purchased with funding from ARISE in 2017. The defibrillator has been used three times since its installation in the Hilltop community – significantly increasing a patient’s chance of surviving a cardiac arrest, while awaiting the emergency services.

The fund can be awarded, up to a maximum of £1,000, to any group, organisation or individual based in or living in the Hatfield area. Anyone who is involved with or knows of a project no matter how big or small that would benefit from a cash boost can apply online via the APPLY tab on this website.


Once again ARISE Hatfield has appeared in The Galleria Community Matters magazine reminding groups in the Hatfield area that if their group/project needs financial help of up to £1,000 then they should apply for funding here >>


November 2019

On the 12th November 2019 the ARISE Hatfield committee met to review the applications received for funding.  On this occasion they awarded funding to 5 different projects, Herts Vision Loss, Young Enterprise, Young Life International, The DeHavilland Community Project and Lemsford Football Club.  See below for full detail of their projects.


This group received £1,000 of funding to support the setup of the `Sight Life Support Group’ which they estimate will support over 20 people per month.  A dedicated Vision Loss Advisor will be present at the groups and affected people will be able to go through any issues that are affecting them, socialise with others and learn new things for example about specific technology that is available.  They will run cooking sessions as well as employment sessions.  There will be a trained counsellor present who will see people as required. The funds will help to provide a Vision Loss Advisor/Facilitator for 20 hours to set up and establish the group, travel and transport, room hire and activities/trips.  Check out their website:  https://hertsvisionloss.org.uk/


Received £900 towards their sports engagement project.  They currently run weekly youth clubs for young Hatfield people aged 11-18, they hold weekly discussion groups for the young people to discuss faith and life skills.  Adult mentors volunteer in the local schools to support, coach, and encourage young people.  They also provide monthly trips with the club kids, outside fun or sports (trampolining, trips to London, swim parties, pamper nights etc.)  They applied for funding so that they could rent an AstroTurf pitch for football and basketball courts for monthly training sessions for the Hatfield Youth.  Check out their website: https://ylinternational.org/england


Received £150 for training equipment.  Lemsford F.C. has been part of village life for over 100 years and is still thriving today. The funds received for new equipment will really help the team. 


Received £1,000 towards the Young Enterprise Launchpad Programme at Onlslow St Audrey’s School.  The children from Onslow will take part in a business challenge, the teams will work together on developing a business idea. This programme will help students recognise key life and business skills such as communication, financial capability, teamwork, resilience.  With the support of business volunteers, students benefit from real life stories of career paths and opportunities within businesses.  The funds that ARISE are providing will enable 33 students to participate in this programme.  Check out their website:  https://www.young-enterprise.org.uk/


Received £465 towards their community Christmas kids party.  Community Cohesion in Salisbury village, Hatfield is poor with poor shared useable facilities.  These parties, including their summer fun days, aim to bring families together to have fun.   Salisbury village has a fair amount of social housing and families struggle to find things on a limited income to entertain their children.  This group offer a virtually free afternoon for these families.  They are holding a Christmas fun afternoon on the 14th December 2019 for the families in Salisbury Village in Hatfield.  The plan is to have a couple of hours of crafts and entertainment from a children’s entertainer and/or a balloon modeller, then a visit from father Christmas and concluding with a nativity service.

August 2019

On the 5th August 2019 the ARISE Hatfield committee met to review the applications received for funding.  On this occasion they awarded funding to 3 different projects, Herts Young Homeless, Kingdom Light Church & Jimmy Mac’s.  See below for full detail of their projects.


Received £1,000 for their photography project – a professional photographer will work with the young Live Life members to train them in photography skills and take photos of what homelessness means to them.  They will then use the resulting images along with poetry and stories written by the group to raise awareness of issues facing homeless young people.


Received £1,000 to purchase some new garden furniture for their Secret Garden at the Jimmy Mac’s Centre located in Hatfield.  This charities purpose is to avid people becoming lonely or isolated due to retirement or disability and provides activities such as chair based exercises, line dancing, bingo, board games, indoor bowls, dance evenings etc for their members.


Received £1,000 to enable the group to purchase an electric guitar and amplifier (they already own a keyboard and drum kit) and hire a music tutor to teach guitar to the young people who live in Hatfield targeting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their families who are not able to afford to take their children to music classes.


We’re delighted to have been featured in The Galleria Community Matters magazine!


ARISE Hatfield donated over £6,500 to seven Hatfield Projects

The committee meet on a quarterly basis to review applications and this May (2019) they granted funding to 7 different projects which were:

The De Havilland Community Project

Were awarded £515 for their summer fun day in August this year.  This is a voluntary organisation that run regular events for the community.  Community cohesion in Salisbury Village is poor with a fair amount of social housing and families struggle to find things on limited incomes to entertain their children.  This group offers virtually free afternoons for these families.  

Potential Kids

Received £1,000 to buy some equipment for their sensory room for young people to use when they feel overwhelmed.  Potential Kids is a non-profit voluntary organisation who provides social activities/training for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities, their families and siblings.

Young Life International

Was awarded £1,000 for their bash day camp BBQ and high ropes adventure which took place at the end of May.   It was held each afternoon from 28th-31st May and included outdoor sports and play, high ropes, scavenger hunts/obstacle courses and group time.  They are holding this so that more local young people who can’t afford to attend holiday camps can attend and experience the benefits of camp.  They provided the entire 4 days activities for only £20 per person.  At the end of the camp they provided a BBQ for all the young people, their parents and siblings.

Hatfield Army Cadet Force

Granted £1,000 to develop their training provisions for 12-18 year olds. Funds will pay for a new first aid doll, walkie talkies, high-vis vests and a gazebo. The Hatfield detachment currently has 30 cadets.  The main objectives are teaching the young cadets valuable skills and life lessons such as First Aid, self-discipline and confidence.

De Havilland Primary School

Were awarded £997.50 to purchase a class set of Ukuleles for use in music lessons and school shows.  

Howe Dell Play Scheme

Was granted £1,000 to fund the purchase of scooters and bikes to encourage outdoor play at their holiday play schemes and breakfast and after school clubs.  This group provide breakfast and after school clubs and holiday play-schemes for kids whose parents need to work and can’t afford child care.  As an example they have one mum who is having chemotherapy and this group are able to fund a place for her child in a play-scheme so she is able to rest during the day.

Hatfield House Chamber Music Festival

Received £1,000 for their education outreach programme for kids to fund artist fees, travel, venue hire, lighting and equipment.  Four day classical music festival held annually in September.  They are offering 400 free tickets to local primary school children to attend one of three educational concerts on Thursday 26th Sept.  The theme this year is French music and the concert will feature The Carnival of the Animals performed by young musicians from the Purcell School.    They are hoping to inspire children to play and listen to music. 


ARISE Hatfield donate £500 to Hatfield community project

Birchwood Methodist Church

The committee met in January (2019) and provided £500 of funding to Birchwood Methodist Church for Garden boxes, gazebo, outdoor play equipment & construction toys for the Monday after school Club.  The Monday Club offers an after school club for the age range 6-11 years.  They charge 50p admission to attend the club.  This is for families who have little funds to send their children to after school clubs.  The aim of the club is to provide a space where children can develop social and emotional skills whilst having fun and allowing their parents to work.


Do you know an out-of-work young person who might benefit from the support of The Prince's Trust?

The Prince's Trust - Youth Can Do It

The Prince’s Trust works to boost the confidence and skills of young people who are at risk of exclusion from school or who are unempolyed. There are five teams running within Hertfordshire from mid May in Bishops Stortford, Baldock, Hatfield, Hemel and Watford.

The charitys team programme provides the opportunity for work experience, and the chance to get involved in a community project, develop skills and work on their CV.

The team programme is a 12 week personal development programme delivered by Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service. Participants gain new skills, gain a qualification and meet new people. The individual being referred has to be aged 16-25 and out of work.

To refer a young person within the Hatfield and Welwyn area and for more information, please contact Jack on 07824 837 508.

Team starts 13 May 2019.


ARISE Hatfield Awards Funding to Six Worthy Local Groups

ARISE Hatfield has once again granted funding to a number of very worthwhile Hatfield projects.
The committee meet on a quarterly basis to review applications and this November they granted funding to 6 different projects which were:


Received £948, to help them put on a Dementia-friendly Carol Service at St Etheldreda’s church in Hatfield on 3rd December. The funding will pay for musicians, project management, travel, refreshments, leaflet print & overheads and the carol service is aiming to engage with groups in Hertfordshire for people with dementia and their carers. 

Young Enterprise

Received £1,000 to enable them to run an Employability Skills Day for Onslow St Audrey’s School which will be attended by 100 students. The skills day will include programme planning, evaluation, delivery, materials, recruitment and training volunteers.

Falcon Judo Club

Received £720 to enable them to purchase Judo licences, cover free weekly sessions, marketing and an additional safety mat.  They are a not-for-profit club which delivers sessions for children, teenagers and their parents.  The club is planning to open a session for children and young people with severe physical or mild learning difficulties, called ‘the Eagles’.

Bishop’s Hatfield Girls’ School

Received £1,000 for two teams of students in Year 12 to participate in the nationally recognised Young Enterprise Company Programme.  Students make all the decisions about their planned business enterprise, including the name, product, business plan creation, managing the finances and selling to the public.

The DeHavilland Community Project

Received £332 towards their Christmas fun afternoon which will take place on 15th December for families in Salisbury Village, Hatfield. The event will include crafts, children’s entertainer, balloon modeller, visit from Father Christmas and Christingle.

Young Life International

Received £400 so that they can purchase branded flags and banners to help advertise the club.  They are a club based at Gracemead House / Church where kids can go to socialise, have fun and be kids….ARISE Hatfield have supported this group previously, resulting in their club going from strength to strength.

***ARISE Hatfield is now taking fresh applications for funding to be granted in the new year so if your Hatfield project needs a cash boost then please apply via this website***



On Wednesday 18th July we celebrated reaching over £50,000 of donations made to Hatfield projects since ARISE Hatfield began in 2013.

Over 60 guests – all of which have benefited from funding to date, joined us for afternoon tea at Hatfield House to celebrate this momentous milestone.

Tim Stirling kicked off proceedings with a speech, explaining his inspiration and motivation behind ARISE and thanking guests for their contribution to the success of the scheme.  Young Life International, Potential Kids and Old Hatfield Residents Association all stood up and talked about their projects and how they benefited from ARISE Hatfield funding.

Guests exchanged stories of how their project had benefited from the funding they’d received and tucked into a delicious selection of sandwiches, cream and jam scones, cakes and fresh fruit, in the stunning surroundings of The Old Palace – adorned with historic tapestries and grand décor.

Afterwards, guests took the opportunity to relax in the sunshine, amid the neatly manicured box maze and stunning fountain in the Old Palace Garden.

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